Frequently asked questions

Where is Tenantcheck based?

The TenantCheck team calls Wellington, New Zealand home with our office being based in the windy headquarters of the capital.

Who can I contact for support?

If ever you need assistance with purchasing a tenant check, understanding the results in your tenant checks, or anything else about our service that sparks your curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach one of the TenantCheck team members by emailing [email protected]

How long does it take to run a tenant check?

Both the QuickCheck and FullChecks are are comprehensive – Once the team has double checked the tenant details and their approval, we can start searching our information sources and putting the results into a report. Your email should notify you when your check makes it to your inbox, the usual time on this is usually between 1 hour – 1 day depending on if the tenant has given pre-approval and our processing times. If a check is urgent an upgrade option can be purchased in the checkout to expedite the checking process.

What is the difference between a QuickCheck and a FullCheck?

The QuickCheck is our standard background check which searches your tenant’s details against over 15 sources and gives insight into your tenant’s history with the NZ courts and Tenancy Tribunal. Some of the other sources we search are the Sensible Sentencing Trust, Insolvency results, NZ media, and social media sites. Our QuickCheck gains access to the largest criminal database in New Zealand. It is an industry-grade tenant check that should give you your first feelings about whether or not your tenant is the right tenant. Although this check can pull some insightful results, we always advise our landlords to thoroughly read through the attached links in their results to understand what they are being shown.

The FullCheck searches every source in the QuickCheck plus every credit agency in New Zealand, and NZ’s largest tenancy database. What this check will do that the QuickCheck will not, is provide you with knowledge about the tenant’s credit and financial situation. This is extremely important when considering that a tenant will be living in what is most likely one of your most expensive investments and will be required to pay rent. Our FullCheck will let you know your tenant’s credit score and whether they have any owing debt. It will also access Illion Tenancy (formerly TINZ) and you will be able to read any reviews or comments from past landlords. We advise landlords to complete a FullCheck for full peace of mind as credit reports are an easy precaution that can have expensive consequences if missed.

Will a background and credit check guarantee good tenants?

No, a background and credit check will only provide you with information to make a better-informed decision about a tenant. It will not necessarily tell you how a person will treat your property, however, it will reduce your risk of running into credit issues or other issues that previous landlords have experienced with the same tenant.

We check as many sources as we can with our tenant checks, including every credit agency in New Zealand. But, information can still be missing. We recommend conducting background and credit checks as well as contacting tenant references to be extra safe in your decision.

Will it be okay if I only do a QuickCheck?

The QuickCheck is definitely a starting point for vetting tenants, however, we do recommend undertaking a FullCheck for full peace of mind. You can understand the differences between the QuickCheck and FullCheck in the FAQ that asks about this, but the main source missing from our standard tenant check is a credit report. Although you can access Tenancy Tribunal records and other important information with the QuickCheck, you will not receive any credit reports. This means you will not have the ability to see if the tenant has a history of paying their bills on time and if they have any debt owing. As credit checks are seen to reduce the risk of rent arrears and other money-related issues that landlords could face in the future, we think it’s safest to do the FullCheck if you are able to.

Can I check the Ministry of Justice database for overdue fines?

Yes, we can do this for you. However, you must have your tenant’s permission. How can you speed up this process? Well, when submitting a request for a TenantCheck you will have the opportunity to upload a copy of your tenant’s signed pre-tenancy agreement. By using the standard MBIE pre-tenancy application form in this section, a search of the MoJ overdue fines database is covered in the agreement clause. You can access this form here.

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